Voice Therapy for Adults

Assessment and therapy for voice disorders and problems of all types

  • Voice disorders due to overuse and fatigue
  • Voice problems due to bad vocal habits and insufficient maintenance
  • Voice difficulties arising from stressful life and work situations
  • Voice symptoms related to illness, neurological conditions or accident

Professional Voice Workshops

Voice and Accent presents interactive voice care and education workshops

  • for teachers and trainee teachers
  • for fitness instructors
  • for voice professionals – lawyers, actors, auctioneers, call-centre operators

Vocal Presentation and Projection


Voice and Accent offers

  • Workshops or advice on professional presentation for occupations involving skilled voice use and reliable quality.
  • Voice training for improved resonant projection and articulation.
  • Advice on effective presentation style, including vocal dynamics and use of Powerpoint, based on 20+ years’ experience lecturing, teaching and Toastmasters.



Voice and Accent offers professional assistance with accent minimisation or intelligibility for

  • Lecturers and teachers who wish to improve intelligibility of accented English
  • Medical professionals qualifying or teaching in Australia with accented English
  • Sales or managerial personnel whose intelligibility is hindered by accented English

Voice Therapy for people with Parkinson Disease

Dr Judy Bailey offers

  • Lee Silverman Voice Therapy LSVT LOUD (Certified Practitioner)
  • Individual therapy for clients with Parkinson Disease

Gentle Gender Transition

Dr Bailey offers advice, assistance and voice therapy for gentle and effective voice adjustment during gender transition including

  • Pitch adjustment
  • Adapting personal style – gesture, intonation and vocabulary 

Singing Tips

Singing style can contribute to voice disorder and even vocal pathology, such as vocal nodules.

Voice and Accent offers

  • Education on variations of singing style based on Estill Level 1-2 voice education
  • Singers’ voice care
  • Anatomical education on singing voice

Communication Difficulty

Difficulty experienced at school or work can cause withdrawal and social isolation.

Voice and Accent offers communication rehabilitation for

  • Adolescents and adults with communication difficulties
  • Children with language or communication difficulties

Child Speech Therapy

  • Voice disorder – vocal nodules, deterioration of voice quality
  • Problems with speech rate or volume
  • Articulation and phonological delay
  • Apraxia of speech