NDIS & Disability Services

Adults, adolescents and children

  • Judy has been an NDIS Provider since NDIS originally rolled out in the Hunter.
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme Provider Registration No: 76697044
  • Voice and Accent recently passed its NDIS audit and has re-registered to provide Speech Pathology services to people managing disabilities.

Experience and services provided

Judy has worked at Rankin Park Centre in acute care and day hospital, and has provided Speech Pathology services in disability for 17 years, including:

  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Cognitive and speech rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury
  • Autism Support Group Swaraj for adolescents and adults
  • Therapy for children with autism including social communication, literacy, vocabulary, problem solving, independence
  • Speech Therapy, communication and literacy for people with Down Syndrome
  • Cognitive, speech, swallowing and specialised voice therapy for people with degenerative neurological conditions such as Motor Neurone Disease, ALS, Friedrich’s Ataxia and Parkinson Disease
  • LSVT LOUD and voice therapy for people with Parkinson Disease, MND
  • Swallowing assessment and therapy to manage health trauma and into ageing