What is Speech Pathology?

Speech Pathology is specific therapy to minimise or overcome communication problems.

  • Voice and Accent specialises in voice problems and disorders of communication, including and specialising in adults or adolescents. Voice Therapy can improve voice quality, loudness, projection, confidence, intelligibility, pitch range and singing.
  • Adults often need Voice Therapy because of
    – voice overuse in a vocally intense occupation like teaching
    – illnesses affecting voice, like thyroid conditions, sleep apnoeia, auto-immune or neurological conditions, or Parkinson Disease
    – stressful work or life circumstances that cause laryngeal tension
    – injury to the larynx, such as impact or strained muscles
    – communication difficulties related to isolation, depression or self-esteem issues
    – need for voice adjustment in gender transition


Other communication problems targeted by Speech Pathology include

  • childhood speech and communication disorders, including articulation and language
  • communication disorders following stroke, brain injury or neurological illness
  • disorders related to swallowing