About Judy

Dr Judy Bailey has 17 years’ experience as a Speech Pathologist specialising in voice, 4 of those years in geriatric and brain injury rehabilitation, 25 years’ experience as a scientist and lecturer at the University of Newcastle, 2 years’ experience as a high school teacher and 22 years’ experience as a parent. Judy established and operated the University of Newcastle Voice Clinic for 6 years till 2012, then established Voice and Accent Speech Pathology

Judy’s specialties and experience include


  • Conducting many voice workshops for teachers in the Hunter, Central Coast and Sydney since 2006, including in-service courses at University of Newcastle and at schools of all levels
  • Conducting fitness instructor workshops around the Hunter, including for The Forum, Balance and the Australian Institute of Fitness
  • Improving intelligibility and presentation skills for professionals with accented English
  • LSVT LOUD for Parkinson Disease
  • Estill Figures 1&2 vocal training for singers
  • Extensive rehabilitation of voice loss or deterioration at work
  • Remedying loss of voice quality with ageing
  • Therapy to assist people with voice adjustment during gender transition
  • Rehabilitation of traumatic voice loss through illness or misadventure
  • Overcoming stress-related or psychogenically related voice or communication disorders
  • Rehabilitation of patients with brain injury
  • Geriatric rehabilitation at Rankin Park Centre